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Special Grade

Our Special Grade is designed to save money for those of you who have customers that are not picky. Just like our basic grades, it offers reliable functionality and quality.  Concept Special Grade are phones that have minor blotches on the camera lens caused by dust getting in between the back camera and lens.


These blotches are hardly noticeable to the eye, and can only be seen when putting the camera against a white background. In addition, phones that are in this category may have display messages. These phones may have been repaired by a third party using non-original or genuine apple parts. 
Although these phones have display messages or minor imperfections in the camera, every Special Grade phone undergoes rigorous testing and inspection by our skilled technicians. We ensure that these phones meet our high standards for performance and reliability and they still come with warranty from Concept.

Grade A+:

Overall: Mint Condition phone. Looks and functions like new. No major signs of use. As close to new as possible in a used phone.
Screen: Like New Screen

Body: Like New Body

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