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Missing Permission ?

Tested Stock


Introducing our premium test stock, carefully tested to meet the highest standards of quality and performance for smartphones. These devices have undergone rigorous assessment to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. They come with a fully functional 3rd party report and warranty.

Auction Stock


Introducing our exclusive auction phones collection, featuring a diverse range of sought-after devices that have been brought direct from carrier auctions. This more affordable style of buying phones targets customers who have the ability of buying phones in larger quantities and have repair capabilities.

Discover our exclusive auction stock and tested stock options. Our auction stock offers incredible value with 10 devices in each box. Our tested stock consists of quality-assured devices that have undergone rigorous testing. You can trust their performance and condition. Buy in bulk and enjoy even cheaper prices! At Concept Wholesale, we guarantee the best deals on wholesale phones. Upgrade your inventory today. Contact Concept Wholesale and stay ahead in the mobile market!

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