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All our products are tested and come with a third party certificate to ensure quality. All products are 100% fully functional with 30 day warranty - See the warranty policy on our iPhone Wholesale Auction.

Auction Stock is stock bought on carrier iPhone Wholesale auction websites. They are sold the way we purchased them, they have not been tested, fixed or graded. This stock is sold with the original carrier grading, will be a mix of conditions and will have some defects. This stock is guaranteed to power on, will have good ESNs and will be free from any iCloud or carrier locks. This stock comes with no warranty.

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Great news! We are excited to announce that we have expanded our product line to include mobile. Now you can find everything you need for your mobile in one place. From screens to batteries, we've got you covered. now and experience the convenience of one-stop shopping for all your mobile needs.

Discover our exclusive iPhone Wholesale auction stock and tested stock options. Our iPhone Wholesale auction stock offers incredible value with 10 devices in each box. Our tested stock consists of quality-assured devices that have undergone rigorous testing. You can trust their performance and condition. Buy in bulk and enjoy even cheaper prices! At Concept Wholesale, we guarantee the best deals on wholesale phones. Upgrade your inventory today. Contact Concept Wholesale and stay ahead in the mobile market!

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