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Regular Grading

Auction Grading


All our products are tested and come with a third party certificate to ensure quality. All products are 100% fully functional with 30 day warranty - See the warranty policy. 

Special Grading


 Concept Special Grade are phones that have minor blotches on the camera lens caused by dust getting in between the back camera and lens. These blotches are hardly noticeable to the eye, and can only be seen when putting the camera against a white background. 

Whether you're a reseller looking to expand your inventory or an individual seeking a cost-effective iPhone, our Auction Stock are the perfect opportunity to acquire high-quality Apple iPhones at unbeatable prices. Our auctions feature a wide range of iPhone models, including the latest releases, ensuring you'll find the right device to meet your needs.

Face ID Grading


When it comes to wholesale phones, we at Concept Wholesale understand how important are the benefits and prices you can get to your customers. As a result, we've created a cutting-edge Face ID Grading System to ensure you get high-quality devices. Our stringent grading process identifies any potential flaws in the Face ID technology, ensuring to get devices at a more cheaper price without Face ID. Trust Concept Wholesale for phones that put your safety and convenience first.

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