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Payment Policy

Methods of payments we accept 

We at Concept Wholesale accepts several methods of payments as shown below. Please check all the accepted payment methods and feel free to contact us if you have questions. 

Payment methods that we accept

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Wire Transfer

No fees associated with this payment method - contact us to request the wire transfer info.

Please contact us to get our bank info. No checks of any kind or money orders are allowed or will be accepted for deposits or payments. We also no longer accept cash deposits.

iPhone Wholesale , Concept Wholesale


Our number one customer choice. No fees associated. Business accounts will have greater limits than personal accounts. 

Please call your bank to discuss your limit increases.

For business checking accounts you can send up to $15,000 daily. 

iPhone Wholesale , Concept Wholesale

Cash App

Use cash tag $nmashragi to send your payment.

Low fee of 1.8% will apply to the invoice.


Payments can be received and cleared instantly. 

No hold time  

Payment fees

Some payments have no fees associated with them from our end such as Zelle and Wire Transfers. Some other payments do have fees, please see the list of accepted payments and their associated fees below.

When do we ship?

We typically ship within 24 hours of cleared payment. We will not be able to ship any order before payment has been cleared into our bank account. No exceptions will be made. Orders where payments have been cleared no later than 4pm EST will ship the same day.

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