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Concept Wholesale appreciates staff !

At Concept Wholesale, we value our staff as our most important asset! Our most recent trip for employee appreciation served as a celebration and was a token of gratitude from the company to both our employees and their families.

The success of Concept Wholesale is the direct result of the commitment and diligence of our team. This trip served as a sincere thank you for their persistent dedication, which opens the doors every day for growth and development.

Across the years we found that growing stronger relationships outside of work improves collaboration and unity. This goes beyond desks and deadlines. The trip offered fun and companionship, bringing us together in unique ways. From beachside lunch and music to taking time to get to know each other through quality conversation, everyone had a great time.

Just as the cell phones we sell bring people together, so did this event. Game nights, karaoke, and bowling boosted our group team spirit. Formal dinners gave people a chance to talk and connect. The trip in general gave us an opportunity to make memories that will last for years to come.

Our appreciation trip was evidence of the belief we hold of how important it is to strike a good work-life balance. It served as a reminder of the value of good working relationships and the power of shared experiences.

As we reflect on this incredible trip we clearly see that a united team goes beyond the four walls of an office. Concept Wholesale is a

community that is motivated by love, cooperation and family values, we see ourselves as a safe space where people can grow, not just a business focused on making money. Join us as we celebrate the events that transformed us into the passionate, supportive, and successful force that we are today!

A Bright Future Together at Concept Wholesale

As you follow along our blog and company events you will see that it is evident that Concept Wholesale is more than simply a business. Rather it is an intimate group that is motivated by shared values and a common ambition to succeed. Join us in honoring Shahir and Nancy's commitment to creating an office culture where love, honesty, cooperation and gratitude are highly valued and where each team member is considered a beloved member of the Concept Wholesale family.

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I Love and Appreciate the Ownership of this business. From the loving family orientated environment that you can feel when you walk thru the door to the amazing service provided to the customers. World Class Act!!! Thank You Shahir and Nancy for your model of what a business could and should be. You are appreciated!!! May God continue to Bless You and your business!!! For HIS Glory!!!❤️

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