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Elon Musk's dying Twitter vs. Instagram's newborn Threads

Change is inevitable in the world of social media. Elon Musk and Instagram (owned by Meta Platforms), two of the most powerful entities in the internet world, have lately made significant actions that will shape the future of their respective platforms. Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla, has sent big news across the Twitter verse by proclaiming the platform's impending extinction.

Simultaneously, Instagram has welcomed a new member to its family in the form of "Threads'" a potential social media platform designed to create stronger interactions among users.

The dying of Twitter: A Transition to "X"

Elon Musk, well-known for his ambitious and innovative projects, has never faded away from challenging standards. In an unexpected statement, he said Twitter's days are limited and that the network is about to experience a major transformation.

As Musk brings in a fascinating new age, Twitter will soon lose its distinctive bird logo and the term "tweet" itself. He decided that the product's name would simply be "X." Twitter users were both amazed and distressed by the decision, speculating on the consequences of such a drastic change.

Newborn Threads on Instagram: Promoting relationships and connection

on the other end of the social media range, Meta Platforms' Instagram has lately welcomed its newest platform: Threads. This new app demonstrates Instagram's dedication to improving personal interactions among its users. Threads' purpose is to provide users with a more personal and private environment in which to engage and share content with their close friends.

Threads allows users to submit text, photographs, and videos, as well as interact with their friends' contributions via responses, reposts, and likes. The platform's emphasis on the "Close Friends" feature ensures that content is only shared with their followers, cultivating a sense of exclusivity and trust within a user's inner circle.

A Story of Two Visions: The War of the Tech Titans

The difference between Elon Musk's massive transformation of Twitter into "X" and Instagram's building of Threads' shows the various mindsets driving social media evolution. Musk's preference for invention wants to push the limits of what is possible, but Instagram's emphasis on intimacy corresponds with the growing demand for more authentic online connections.

As the dust passes and the IT industry awaits future developments, one thing is certain: Elon Musk and Meta Platforms are navigating new social media territory. The conflict between two computer titans is sure to define the landscape of digital interactions for years to come, leaving both users and industry insiders wondering what the future holds for the industry.

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