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How to Get a Resale Tax Certification in Florida and Other States

Let's Get Started:

If you own or want to create an e-commerce store and want to resell phones, obtaining tax certification is an important step to maximize your profits and remain competitive in the marketplace. This certificate allows you to buy phones and accessories tax-free from suppliers for resale. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through your process of obtaining a resale tax certificate in Florida.

Why is it important to get a resale Tax Certificate?

To begin you need to understand the importance of a resale tax certificate Before we dive into the application process, let’s explore why Resale Tax Certification is required?

This certification allows you to buy phones at a lower price for your business because you won’t have to pay sales tax up front. Instead, you'll collect sales tax from customers when you sell the phones, then remit it to the state. This can significantly reduce your initial costs and give you a competitive advantage in the wholesale phone market.

Is Your Company Legally Registered in Florida? Learn How to Register It!

Verify that your business is a legally registered business in the State of Florida. If you haven’t already, obtain your LLC certification or incorporate your business in accordance with Florida business law.

What is an EIN and why is important?

You will need a few documents ready to apply for a tax resale certificate. These typically include your federal Employer Number (EIN), state tax number, and legal entity documents related to your business.

How to apply for a resale tax certificate?

Apply online or get it in person You can apply for a resale tax certificate online through the Florida Department of Revenue website, or you can visit a local office in person to submit your application. Online applications are generally fast and intuitive.

Provide performance information You will need to provide detailed information about your business during the application process. This will include your business name, address, the size of your wholesale phone business, and the types of products you sell, such as iPhones and other popular products.

Wait for approval Submit the application and wait patiently for Florida Department of Revenue approval. Processing times may vary, but you should receive your resale tax certificate within a few weeks.

Comply with tax and reporting guidelines Once you receive your resale tax certificate, familiarize yourself with Florida's collection and reporting tax guidelines. As a leased business, your business will be responsible for collecting sales tax from customers and reporting it periodically to the state.


By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll ensure your business is compliant, enjoys tax advantages, and can buy iPhone Wholesale in bulk at When you have your resale tax certificate in hand, you are ready to start reselling on your store. Concept wholesale is the greatest place to buy your inventory because their pricing are the best on the market.

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