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New RMA System - RMA (beta) Documentation

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

RMA updates in our website, now you can 1- submit easily with drop down menu 2- add more than 1 IMEI in your case 3-Track your RMA cases and see your history Please find step by step instructions on how to use the RMA new page RMA (beta) | Concept Wholesale. You will need to sign up for the RMA portal separately as an added measure of security. We will share store credit and redeemable codes with you so make sure you remember your username and password that you create in the sign-up page.

after signing up you can log in immediately with your username and password

You will see your RMA dashboard

Here you will be able to submit a new RMA case with name , IMEI number , description of the issue from the drop down menu along with a video that shows the IMEI of the phone and the issue described. You then get to pick from the RMA dropdown the method of reimbursement that you prefer whether it be a credit or replacement. YOU MUST SUBMIT A SEPERATE RMA CASE IF YOU WANT REPLACMENT FOR A PHONE AND CREDIT FOR ANOTHER.

This is what you will see when you submit your 1st RMA


Case status will show as submitted once you submit your case, please allow 2-3 business days for Concept Wholesale to review your case. Updates to your RMA status can be understood as follows:

You can follow along using the case symbol :

you have submitted your case.

case has been accepted by Concept and we are shipping the replacement, or we issued the credit for you.

case is not accepted (you can appeal by resubmitting the same IMEI again and providing additional information )

case is accepted for replacement and we are waiting for the device to be become available in the warehouse to ship to you. You can also follow the case status

Awaiting Product: Your case has been accepted and we are waiting for the disputed phone to reach us. To send us the package correctly, you will find the instructions for the replacement in a link at the end of your case. Please look for this :

once you click this hyperlink you will be taken to a PDF document that will show the phones accepted please read, print and ship the product accordingly.

Shipped: This status indicates that we have shipped the new replacement product. The case is now resolved and closed. You should have received the IMEI for the replacement device in your email when the device shipped.

Credit issued: Credit has been issued to your account. Your case will show a promocode that you can use in your next order. This is what your promocode will look like:

Denied: We have denied your case. Please see notes to find out the reason why.

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