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Grading Scale

All our products are tested and come with a third party certificate to ensure quality. All products are 100% fully functional with 30 day warranty - See the warranty policy. 


All our phones are inspected and certified to be fully functional. Phone grading refers to the cosmetic conditions of the phones. All our phones are returns and may have been repaired by a third party, hence we do not guarantee that every part of the phone will be original. We do guarantee however that there will be no messages on our devices.  Please view all our grades and contact us should you have any further questions.


All prices are for HSO - handset only. No accessories are included

Grade A+:

Overall: Mint Condition phone. Looks and functions like new. No major signs of use. As close to new as possible in a used phone.
Screen: Like New Screen

Body: Like New Body

iPhone Wholesale
iPhone Wholesale

 In regards to Apple phones, only those listed in CPO condition are guaranteed to be 100% Apple parts. Other conditions are simply returns and may have been repaired by a third party

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